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Work Environment

General Compliances

o Bluetooth Speaker

o Wireless Earbuds and Headset

o Gateway

o Graphic Tag

o UHF RFID Reader

o Handheld Computer

o RF Module

o Spray Seat

o Monitor

o Mobile Phone

o Wireless Capsule

o Access Point

o Smart House Key (NFC/RFID)

o etc...

Automotive Device

o Car Navigation

o Wireless Power Charger

o Vehicle Sensor

o Vehicle Radar

o Audio System

o Bluetooth Audio

o Tire Pressure Monitor System

o Tire Pressure Sensor

o Telematics

o Remote Controller (key)

o Blackbox

o Collision Radar 

o Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

o etc...

Car Interior


• Device Type : Various models per product

(Ex: Cell phone, Tablet PC etc.)

• RF Function : 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID , further Wireless/Telecom features

• Related Accessory: Wireless Charger, Travel Adapter, Power bank, Cradle etc.

Household Compliances

• Device Type: Various models per product

(Ex: Washing Machine, Freezer, Microwave, Light etc.)

• RF Function: Cellular, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, further Wireless/Telecom features

• Related Accessory: Further RF module for IoT function and tech.


Modern Kitchen
X-Ray Results


• Device Type: Various models per product with RF function or without RF function (Ex: X-ray , Implant device etc.)

• RF Function: Ultra wave, X-ray, Short Range frequency, further Wireless/Telecom features

•Related Accessory: Any electrical device with or without Wireless/Telecom feature for Medical purpose


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