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Ecuador_ARCOTEL: Updates list of international bodies accepted for homologation

The current Homologation Regulation of Ecuador in its Third General Provision (page 11 of the regulation) indicates that there are 22 accepted organizations (bodies), but in this same provision it indicates that ARCOTEL has the power to update the list of organizations on its website.

Based on the section that ARCOTEL can update the list on the website, ARCOTEL updated the list of accepted organizations on its website. This update includes leaving 9 ACCEPTED ORGANISMS, before there were 22 organizations and now there are 9, although numerically 9 organizations are less than 22, actually with these 9 organizations all world certifications are covered and this benefits the homologation of equipment in Ecuador because NEW ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS THE CMIIT OF CHINA, THE BIS OF INDIA OR THE NCC OF TAIWAN are now accepted (these 3 organizations were not accepted before) and FUNDAMENTALLY NOW THE DoCs ARE ALREADY ACCEPTED FROM EUROPE (previously ARCOTEL only accepted the Type Examination Certificate ).


zations such as the FCC of the USA, ANATEL of Brazil, CEBIC (IC) of Canada, KATS of Korea are also still being accepted.

With this new list of organizations we are sure that your clients will be able to homologate more equipment in Ecuador, from more origins such as China, Taiwan, India and Europe.

Here are the 9 accepted organizations:

• National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil (ANATEL)

• Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)

• China’s Ministry Of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT)

• European Community (CE) / Declarations of Conformity (DoC)

• European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI)

• Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America (FCC)

• Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS)

• National Communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC)

• The Certification and Engineering Bureau of industry of Canada (CEBIC)

The ARCOTEL website where this new list of organizations is, is the following:



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