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Brazil_ANATEL: New test requirement released (regarding a charger of mobile phone)

According to the possibility of changing the requirements and test procedures for certification of a cellular phone charger, especially used in a vehicle was identified, new updated proposal about new test requirement for mentioned product has been arisen.

The requirements defined in this document apply to the following cell phone chargers:

a) chargers whose power source is the electric power network with alternating current (AC).

b) special purpose USB interfaces (ports) for powering electronic devices, without data transmission functionality.

c) inductive chargers, regardless of the type of electrical power source.

** USB interfaces that integrate the electrical/electronic design of a device (eg TV, computer, media center, etc.) are not covered by these requirements.


Unless otherwise specified, chargers for cell phones must be tested in conjunction with the cell phone during the evaluation of the product's electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety requirements.

The charger manufacturer must supply a cell phone with its battery initially discharged for testing.

For more details please check this out below link.

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