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Chile_SUBTEL: Multiband / 5G Provisional Labelling Requirement

The objective of the certification seal is to identify all terminal equipment that has complied with the mandatory approval and validation process established in Exempt Resolution No. 1,463, of June 13, 2016, of the Telecommunications Under secretariat and its modifications.

On the other hand, and only for those teams that have 5G technology, the seal must incorporate or add in its lower part, and for its different versions, the phrase "5G: LEARN ABOUT COMPATIBILITY WITH EACH COMPANY", according to the figures shown in the next section.

Graphic Specifications Stamps (Graphic Standards)

The equipment that enters the commercial distribution circuit or that is advertised for sale, must carry both in their boxes, wrapping or packaging, as well as in the corresponding advertising graphics at points of sale and physical or virtual spaces such as magazines, newspapers and pages web, a transitory seal that clearly identifies the band support by technology.



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