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Chile: The first country in the region to bid for spectrum for 5G

There was event in Chile that companies will be able to start deploying the new 5G network and, in this way, offer commercial plans for users who have a mobile device suitable for this new technology. President Piñera begins deployment of 5G technology in Chile , SANTIAGO on December 16, 2021.

  • The technical project requires the winning telecommunications companies that the new network cover 90% of Chile's population with territorial equity.

  • The fifth generation mobile technology will promote, among other matters, telemedicine, connecting 199 hospitals and 358 rural health posts throughout the country.

Chile is the first country in the region to bid for spectrum for 5G, the South American country that has made the largest amount of spectrum available for bidding (1,800 MHz), and today, once again, it stands out as the first in the region to have technology Fifth generation nationwide.



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