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Mexico: Outline for New process of Type Approval


  • CoC: Certificate of Confomrity (responsible by Certification Body: ANCE, NYCE etc. )

  • PEC :Procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad en materia de telecomunicaciones y radiodifusión (responsible by IFETEL)

  • CoH: Certificate of Homologation (responsble by IFETEL)

  • PERITO: Technical Opinion(responsible by IFETEL)

Process #1: PEC + CoH

  • Testing under Mexican standards inclusive

  • Derivation models allowed

  • Requirement:

    1. CoC from Local CB: Local Testing through Certification Body(ANCE, NYCE, and further tesing body that designated by national authority) to get CoC

    2. PEC and CoH from IFETEL

Process #2: PERITO + CoH

  • The technical aspect of analysis written by certified expert(s) that designated from IFETEL (Technical Opinion)

  • International Standards + National Mexican Standards

  • Derivation models are NOT allowed

Process #3: PEC + PERITO + CoH

  • Combination of Process #1 and #2

  • More than single interface in radio/wireless/telecommunication features

  • CoH will be issued in digital format for Process #3


  • Validity of approval: Permanent

    1. CoH must obtain PERITO with business 90 days prior to end of 2 year from the CoH was issued for Process #2, #3.

  • Requirement on Marking/Label:

    1. Physical or Electronic Marking/Label along the TA number for all type approved equipment

      1. Physical Marking/Label: Must be permanently fixed and well-easily visible

        1. May appear on the package and/or in a user manual

    2. In case the product is:

      1. Too small to put marking/label:

        1. May appear/display electronically via software or operating system or;

        2. May appear/display on the package, label, manual, wrapping, electronic registration

  • Effective on June 27, 2022



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