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Vietnam: Exemption Equipment List (MIC: Circular No.08/2021/TT-BTTTT)

Vietnam MIC(Ministry of Information and Communications) issued Circular No. 08/2021/TT-BTTTT, Which is the list of radio equipment exempt from radio frequency license, technical and operational conditions. (Except the WiFi 6E/6GHz)

This updated Circular will replace the Circular 46/2016/TT-BTTTT and Circular 18/2018/TT-BTTTT.

  • New: Circular No. 08/2021/TT-BTTTT

  • Old: Circular No. 46/2016/TT-BTTTT , Circular 18/2018/TT-BTTTT

  1. Product can be imported in advance even if the device does not meet the regulation, Circular No. 08/2021/TT-BTTTT and can apply the required certification.

  2. 2400MHz ~ 2483.5MHz and 5725MHz ~ 5850MHz ISM bands can be used for remote control devicesRadio Local Area Network - RLAN (added)

  3. Low-Power Wide Area Network - LPWAN equipment (added)

  4. Wireless Power transfer product, hearing aids now categorized in inductive loop device

  5. New bands allocation for SRD Radar that use for inside of storage tank

  6. More range of brands for UWB equipment:

    1. 7238.4 ~ 9000MHz (beside 4000 ~ 4800 Mhz band)

Effective Date: November 28, 2021

For more information: MIC Circular 08/2021/TT-BTTTT



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